D16 Drumazon and Devastor video.

D16’s Drumazon and Devastator. from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

Here is a screencast I put together showing a few features of D16‘s incredible Roland TR-909 emulator Drumazon and their new distortion plug-in Devastor. I really like both of these. After watching the video I encourage you to head over to the D16 website and download the demos.

I’ve owned a real Roland TR-909 for many years. In fact I bought mine from Chaka Kahn! I can honestly say Drumazon is a better replacement. It’s a joy to use and you get all the nicesties of software (presets). You also get features a real 909 doesn’t have like random and automation. When you add a quality multiband distortion unit like Devastor to it you can’t help but smile. This is audio software at its best.


Do you own any of D16’s products?

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14 thoughts on “D16 Drumazon and Devastor video.”

  1. yeah, i have all d16 products , from Nephetone to Devastator, and sure Phoscyon :)

    but i have a quastion about Drumazon, may be u know how to doit, i read manual and found nothing …
    intersting to programming this machines, like real … i mean, choose with midicontroller instrument (kick, snare) and use 16 trigers/buttons like in stepsequencer or hardware drummachines .. just 4 click on 1,5,9,13 steps for kick and vuala kisk is playing. As for me, realy important point live improvisation with drummachine. In manual i just found like change paterns on fly with using midinotes, heh.

  2. ah, my english :(

    i want to make beats in Drumazon only with midi controller and without mouse. choose intruments and steps for the instruments just triggering buttons. I try Midi learn, but it working only on drumazon knobs.

  3. Oh thats a good question! I will check the manual tonight and see if I can figure that out. Would be cool for sure… if not we have to wait for touch screens to become standard!

  4. I’ve played with the demos of this, and it was nice. I owned a real 909 in the past, and thought it compared quite well.

    One issue i have is the price – for the same money, you can get audiorealism’s ADM, which has 808/909/606 and can play user samples as well. I guess the question comes down to how real the ADM sounds.

  5. Hi Daniel. I also own the ADM. I actually use them both quite a lot. I’ve learned to get good at how they work and to me they are separate but equal flavors. To me even the difference in the internal sequencers have a vibe. Do you need both? Probably not but if your making music for a living esp in the electronic dance realm these are all dream tools.

  6. Oh no… you just revealed my secret awesome software drum machine and what I’ve been playing with as of late. As much as I love my REAL 909, it’s been alot of fun hacking around with this soft synth. The 909 ‘had’ been the cornerstone of my tunes… I even did a podcast about it. But after a couple of sessions on the D16, it’s hard to go back.

    Great video BTW…. I’m going to repost it on my blog if you don’t mind.

  7. very nice tutorial – love the zoomy mous pointer view – yeh I gotta get that Drumazon, I use Live and I often lament the proper four-four rigidity that 909/808 type pattern programming provide. I think trying to write the same type of patterns in piano roll views just isnt the same at all. a Rebirth or Redrum type interface is something Live is missing in my opinion, and getting the d16 suite would fix this. I recently bought Phoscyon and I have to say the sound (to my ears) is the most authentic software emulation I’ve ever heard, proper nasally or woody when it needs to be – the mini devastor-type distortion at the end is a very nice bonus too. In no time I was doing (half)decent Hardfloor impersonations, sitting there in a trance twiddling knobs for 2 hours :) – im deffo gonna get Drumator and eventually buy their 808-based drumsynth too.

    by the way ive never heard someone say ‘DAW’ phonetically before – sounds pretty funnny IMO :)

  8. i’m lucky enough to have a real 303, 808 and 909.

    i also happened to have proud copies of all the D16 emulations and i can’t say enough good things about them. i was even involved with the beta testing. go and buy them now!

    my only (tiniest) beef is that the internal sequencer of the phoscyon doesn’t have a shuffle or swing function (yet). it would be nice if it sent MIDI into ableton live too..


  9. Hi baphomet_irl S. The zoomy pointer is from a new screencast program for Mac called Screenflow. It makes doing these presentations fun so expect more. I agree the sucess of Drumazon is not only it’s spot on sound but the internal sequencer. Once you take the time to learn it its highly addictve.

    Hi. Graham. I think shuffle is on the way. I notice recently Audiorealsm added it to the ABL so I suspect D16 can’t be far behind. Shuffle is pretty key to some modern types of electronic music.

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