In the studio working on a song. I Know Your Pain.

I’ve been in the studio a lot lately. I finally finished a string of remixes and now I can take the rest of Spring and Summer and complete my next album. I already have a few songs done and about 30 half finished songs. I’ll now go and listen to those ideas I started and pick about 10 to complete.

The song I am working on now is called “I Know Your Pain”. I get a certain audience at my shows… people like myself. I can really relate to them. I guess they feel the same way and thats why they show up! This song is more or less how I say “Yes I know how you feel”. I know when I go to a concert of a band I really like I feel connected with everyone else there. Everyone there has something in common. This song walks around that concept.

The following audio sample is completely at the demo stage. Just pure simple drum, bassline and vocal. I usually work this way without much trickery until I get a full arrangement done. The kick is my new Jomox Mbase 01, a snare sample being smashed by D16’s Devastator and the bassline is a secret (sorry). Nothing is on my voice except a little compression.

I’ll step away from this song now and not listen again until next week. When I do put my ears on it next I will be ready to move parts around and add fills and effects. The first new fresh listen is critical because I will hear it as “new”. Only then can I be a proper judge of what’s good and what sucks.

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8 thoughts on “In the studio working on a song. I Know Your Pain.”

  1. Hi Jacksin. Nice find I read the entire thing just now… good stuff. I subscribed to EM for years but sadly I let it lapse. Im a magazine junkie but in the internet age there’s not too much reason to spend the dough.

  2. I just bought the latest issue of Future Music. I havent purchased a rag in ages because of the net. I miss thumbing through mags and having stacks of them laying around.

  3. Bassline sounds interesting, is it Audiorealism, like i see on Arangment view. :)

    and let me quess your secret, i think u use distortion on it (may be devastator :) and chorus (sound a bit walking around) … and may be magic and secrret filter :)

  4. ah, i miss a bit :)

    iZotope Trash i like too, but my last love Voxengo Boogex, its free, easy and monsterous sound distortion with handles filter. if you didnt try, i can recomend it.

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