Go into Rob Acid’s studio and see some cool toys.

A great interview with Rob Acid about his Mastering career including his thoughts on smashed (square) waveforms. He also talks about his modified vintage gear and giant sized spring reverb.

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9 Responses to “Go into Rob Acid’s studio and see some cool toys.”

  1. andras! says:

    those akg reverb units are amazing. supersilent has used those in the past. i think the one they use is from athletic sound in oslo.

  2. Mark says:

    great video.

    what is that track that is played a few times during the breaks in the middle of the video? i’ve heard it so many times but now its name is escaping me… anyone know?

  3. Sven Hamer says:

    really a great and interesting video.
    thanks for that one!

  4. Sven Hamer says:

    after looking through roberts beat port stuff on his page, i found the track from the video:
    Robert Babicz – Sin

    have fun :-D

  5. Good one Sven thanks for the update… I was clueless.

  6. graham miller says:


    thanks so much for that… i’m a huge fan of his work.

  7. graham miller says:

    what show is that from? i’d love to see more of this…


  8. Ed says:

    This is a really interesting look into the world of mastering from the perspective of a guy who’s done some amazing production himself. Insightful and inspiring!

  9. 8Bit says:

    cut off everything below 30hz! OMG! BUT THAT’S WHERE ALL THE FUN IS! >:}{

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