A silent rave happened in NYC last week? WTF!

Being an expat living in Berlin I remind myself of NYC by reading a photo blog aptly titled “New York Daily Photo“. When I read today’s post I knew I has to mention it here. Apparently last Friday night in Union Square there was a silent rave! First off, you know someone is old and out of touch when they use the word rave but that’s what everyone is calling it so I will play along.

Friday’s silent rave was organized by Jonnie Wesson, an 18 year old exchange student from Britain, attending the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn. Silent raves are popular in London and Europe – large scale silent discos with thousands of participants have taken place in the U.K. “The basic premise is that a hundred or a thousand or a few thousand people all turn up in a public place, turn on their own headphones and dance” says Wesson. “It’s always fantastic and weird to see thousands of people dancing silently. It’s always in a public space, but it’s not meant to cause disruption, but only because it’s the last place you’d expect that sort of thing.” The rave at Union Square was organized by Wesson through a Facebook site. It was scheduled to start at 6:17 PM. “It’s a random time that fits in with the ethos of the flash mob.” – newyorkdailyphoto.blogspot.com

I have to say this is majorly spastic. In my last post I said to go to a circuit bending festival is worth is even if your girlfriend laughs at you. If you go to a silent rave you deserve to be laughed at! Then again, the weather is nice and it’s more fun than the television.

By the way I have my own daily photo blog from Berlin. Everyday I put a photo up so come and take a look:

The photo you see above is from: A. Seraphin
More photos from the Silent Rave on The Village Voice’s website: click here

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3 thoughts on “A silent rave happened in NYC last week? WTF!”

  1. Hey the kids over here are all ridiculously lazy. Its crazy to see so many actually organizing and doing something that isn’t suggested by mass media. I think it was supposed to be ironic or something. Perfect.

  2. I actually thought about going to this, but it didn’t leave enough time to get to a rave in Brooklyn called Candyball where about 1,100 kandi ravers completely overwhelmed Club Exit (capacity of 800) and danced to nothin but happy hardcore (multiple international headliners) until 6 in the morning. Old and out of touch, eh?

    Info about the event @ http://raversonly.com/


  3. yeah- there was some misscommunication there-

    noone told the guy at the door we had reached capacity!

    Hope that didnt stop you from catching We Are the Ravers in July

    Or coming Tommorrow To Candyball 6: Treatz & Beatz II

    9pm @ exit

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