Miro Pajic plays Jam Sessions in my studio.

Miro Pajic who records under the name Hypnotizer for my label was in my studio today. I hooked up my Nintendo DS and let him rock out with Jam Sessions for a while. To make it sound even better I ran it through Izotope’s incredible Trash plug-in.

Miro is a legend in the techno scene with over 80 releases, many on the infamous PCP label and these days on Klikhaus. Check him out here:


  1. Oooh, I have the “game” Jam Sessions as well; It’s so much fun! I have never thought about running it through an external plug-in though. I will definitely have to try that out sometime later.


  2. I can get it sounding pretty realistic. I’ve already finished a song with it. It’s more than a toy!


  3. yo! what a serb head!! i could spot it from a mile away – – DJ M.Wicked


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