Come into my studio and see my Roland SH3.

I’ve been stuck in the studio catching up on several remixes and songs for my next album. I would never forget about my blog readers so while I was there today I shot three videos of my Roland SH3 in action.

The Roland SH3 was produced in 1974. It is more rare than the SH3A which was put into the market after Moog sued Roland for the original SH3’s filter design. This is one reason the Roland SH3 sounds so incredible. Rumor has it that less than 100 of these were ever made.

You can hear pure Roland SH3 accompanied by an Electrocomp-101 in two of my songs: Room of Posers and Sex Machine.

Be sure to check out the other two Roland SH3 videos I put up here:


  1. Keep em coming…
    I thought Adam X used a Mono-poly on Audiobiography, its now apparent he had one of these bad boys.


  2. Mind if I sample some of this?



  3. Sample away. I’ve been grabbing loops for peoples Circuit Bent YouTube videos with crappy sound quality. Ill post more studio videos soon.


  4. Haha thats actually a new favorite past time of mine, sampling circuit bent vids.

    I also like visiting pages like this for new sounds…


  5. hi oliver!

    danke für diese tollen videos und deinen blog!
    hey, könntest du mal dein ganzes studio filmen?
    so ähnlich… wie es einmal robacid gemacht hat.

    gracias y saludos,

    antonio lopez


  6. Hi Antonio. Yes more videos coming soon!


  7. Cool – keep the vids up!


  8. Moog never sued Roland.
    Quit being a parrot for rumors.


  9. Hi Truth. I like the “parrot for rumors” saying. Do you know for sure? I read it (on the internets) many times over the years. I know for a fact that the SH3 sounds much thicker than the SH3A. Now if they were not sued then was the introduction of the 3A to make things cheaper?


  10. This is a quote from Sound on Sound Magazine, November 2004 in an article titled The History Of Roland: “Not everything was plain sailing, and it appears that Kakehashi infringed one of Bob Moog’s filter patents when he designed the SH3. So a new version appeared in 1974. Externally, the SH3A was almost identical to the SH3, but it sported a new VCF and VCA, and it was this model that Vangelis and a handful of other famous keyboard players adopted in the mid-1970s.” link


  11. Digital Suicide August 17, 2008 at 1:44 am

    Yo Oliver,

    this synth really sound fuckin awesome. Pure Synth Porn. More of these ;)

    Cheers from the past



  12. Thanks DS. For sure more to come!


  13. Hi, i stumbled onto your site thru google search on the roland sh3. i have one of these machines, all original and working!
    have you any idea of value, i too have heard that only a small number were made and then a relaunch of the sh3A.
    i am looking to sell this synth and would appreciate any info you may have.



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