Three wicked Ableton Live Beat Repeat presets.

In the Nitzer Ebb song Let Your Body Learn one of the lyrics is “The Music of Drums!”. I always liked that line and concept. You can make great songs with just a drum machine and a few effect boxes. I often make songs by creating sounds solely from effects. Ableton Live’s Beat Repeat plug-in can take any audio and spew it into something wild and worthy. Here are three presets I created for Beat Repeat that you may like too:

Lazer Station
Lazer Station - Beat Repeat preset

Four Four Echo
Four Four Echo - Beat Repeat preset

EBM Sequencer
EBM Sequencer - Beat Repeat preset

I like to automate the Mix/Insert/Gate options. Don’t forget to adjust the filter and pitch decay to your liking.

Download the presets: click here


  1. Lovin’ the Beat Repeat even more now! Thanks man!


  2. we used some stuff similar to this on our last e.p., miracle baby.
    except we made ours sound quite random, kind of like live, improv drumming.
    if you want to check it out its on and its the first e.p. with the naked lady.


  3. what synths are you using there in the examples #1 and #3?


  4. very nice sound for a softsynth! i was guessing analog. btw i saw horrorist at kinetik. great show, great energy.


  5. I THANK YOU FOR THESE! I can’t imagine making Beat Repeat that much more visually intuitive, yet… it really relies on sound examples to get the point(s) across.


  6. Looks like the link is dead, could you reupload please? Would be really interested in trying these out.


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