Tenori-on launch tour tomorrow night in Berlin!

Tenori-on launch tour poster.

I was walking down Schönhauser Allee last week and saw the posters you see above. Tomorrow night I will get to see and hopefully touch Toshio Iwai’s wicked music toy the Tenori-on. Bergain which is probably Berlin’s most notorious after hours, drug, gay pick up club is playing host to the event. The festivities start at 8PM. Who will be performing you ask? Toshio Iwai, To Rococo Rot, Pole, Sutekh, I am Robot and Proud and Nathan Michel.

    If you don’t know what a Tenori-On is watch this video:

    I will be there and if you see me and feel like saying hello by all means please do so!

    For more info about the Tenori-on: www.global.yamaha.com/tenori-on

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    6 thoughts on “Tenori-on launch tour tomorrow night in Berlin!”

    1. I know I want it…sorry for the typo… I’ll take 2 of em with a Jazzmutant Lemur along with a Magic Jomox 999 with a gig of sample storage + resampling! Plus a Kaossilator for beats while I’m on the toilet..they’re battery powered :)

    2. I’d be interested to see what you think of the Tenori-On. I’ve played with one (they’ve had them in Turnkey in London since late last year), and I really don’t like them. They’re made of plastic and feel like it… And the sounds they make are a bit tacky for any contemporary production.
      As a control surface it’s interesting…but I put them in the same basket as a Kaoss Pad 3, in that it’s fun mostly, but the KP3 is made of metal and feels rugged. I’ve got my KP3 set up to be a MIDI controller with the screen set up as 8 virtual vertical faders.

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