You Can Get In Anywhere If You Say You’re the DJ.

This is very true! I’ve never ever been looked at even twice when I get to a venue and say I’m performing. One hundred percent of the time they just move aside and let me in no questions asked… and I don’t have to wear a stupid outfit!

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5 Responses to “You Can Get In Anywhere If You Say You’re the DJ.”

  1. Mr. Tunes says:

    hah well maybe in europe and australia, but probably doesn’t work as well over here in N.A.

    and i saw a famous producer who i will not name be denied getting into a party as well. he was too humble to try to explain to the bouncer who he was.

  2. Hi Mr.Tunes. Oh man thats so funny! DJ’s and bands being rejected in public… nothing better.

  3. WLUK says:

    “and I don’t have to wear a stupid outfit!”

    You’re sure ? :D

  4. Rene says:

    It´s true! I naver had a problem but I guess my flashy custom made case where I carry my stuff gives the impression of me being the DJ..ha ha.

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