Ableton Live Skins and the Ableton Live Skin Editor.

Ableton Live - Skin Editor

I love the Ableton Live GUI (Graphical User Interface). It’s vector based so you can resize it dynamically in real time. It allows you to stretch and open/close different areas within the workspace. For example show or hide theZark - Red Skin for Ableton Live file browser or stretch the clip view up to view larger waveforms. If you go to the preference panel (command-,) and click the “Look Feel” section you will see in the Colors section you can choose different Skins. In Live 7 you have 25 Skins to choose from. But did you know you can download more off the internet? And did you know there is a Mac and PC editor that allows you to make your own Skins?

To download more Skins head to:
For the editor software:

You could call me a Skinhead because I downloaded about 20 of these. Ableton gave Sonic Transfer the official “go ahead” so I wouldn’t worry about these mucking up the Live code or anything. My version of Live never crashes. When I play a live show I like to put a nice red Skin up. In the studio I usually use a grey and pink skin.

Ableton Live - Skin PreferencesFor Windows users:
The Ableton Live Skins folder is located in Program Files\Ableton\Live\Resources\Skins.

For Mac users:
The Ableton Live Skins folder is inside the Live application. Right-click (or ctrl-click) the Live application and select Show Package Contents to access the Skins.

Adding A New Skin:
After you have found your Ableton Live Skins folder, you can copy any skin file into it. If you are running Live, you will need to restart it before it will see the new skin. Once you start Live, click on the Options menu, then click Preferences. Go to the Misc tab and select your skin under the Appearance section

One feature that I would like to see would be the Skin attached to the song. So for example if I put a really dark purple Skin on a gothic song I am working on the next time I load that song up the Skin loads too. I got stuck on the “Battleship” Skin for a while. Do you have a particular Skin your addicted to?

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  1. I’ve got to say NOT ONLY is this theee easiest Editor to use anywhere(!) it also the most gratifying, in the sense that better workflow can actually be achieved, AND it’s priceless when it comes to alleviating eye fatigue!

    GET IT!

  2. I see your Ableton Editor link is not working..I would very much like to make my own skins..will it be available again? Thank you !! Don

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