Tim Xavier’s Manmade Mastering vinyl cutting room.

Scully Lathe

Here is a special photo set from my friend Tim Xavier’s mastering studio. He cuts vinyl with his unique Scully/Westrex 3D IIa cutter. There are only a few places in the world like this left. Due to Tim’s overwhelming success in his field especially with dance music this studio and his dog Sigmund recently moved from Brooklyn to Berlin. Some of his clients include Ritchie Hawtin, KiddazFM, Complete Distribution, Zuvuya Recordings and many more.

In the studio, Tim cuts on a Scully/Westrex 3DIIA cutter that is outfitted with a high powered magnet, and uses a Manley Massive Passive Tube EQ for equalizing. The Scully lathe has been modified with a Vinylium pitch computer (Stuka) for spacing grooves, which allows him to cut more time per side at a louder volume. (please see prices section for time constraints). – manmademastering.com

To enjoy the full photo set from Manmade Mastering LLC on flickr: click here


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  1. Cool that there are still people doing this. I personally hope that Vinyl stays alive. It’s so relaxing to take a good record out of it’s sleeve and then put it on the turntable.

  2. I have a the main body of a Scully/Westrex layth from A&M records and I am looking to part with it if the price is right.
    Kind Regards
    Judd Kalish
    480-399-2889 ,MST

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