Celemony presents Melodyne – Direct Note Access.

If your a musician of any type you should already own Melodyne and you should watch the video above. Being announced at Musikmesse this week Celemony presents “Direct Note Access“. The new feature which will be added to all versions of Melodyne allows you to now pick out and move notes inside chords!

  • Access individual notes in chords and polyphonic audio: see them, grab them, edit, mute, stretch.
  • Tonescale feature allows you to change the scale of chords by clicking in a palette of choices.
  • Play polyphonic chords using a midi keyboard in real time.
  • Imagine tuning a guitar after it was recorded!
  • Your sample library now has new abilities. Any polyphonic sample can now be reached into and altered!

This new feature will start to show up in versions of Melodyne starting in the fall. I’m personally excited by this new feature. I can also now imagine a few more years down the road being able to load up a fully completed stereo song and reaching into it and changing notes of individual sounds.

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9 thoughts on “Celemony presents Melodyne – Direct Note Access.”

  1. awesome and totally impressive, just can’t wait tryin’ to feed melodyne v2 with even more complex snippets or filtered parts of complete songs and tracks for mashin’ up their harmonic contents.

  2. wow. Thats amazing, and as plug in form? How far off is the idea of using this as a live performance rearrangement tool? it looked pretty quick to process on the video.

  3. Let’s wait and see how good this works with real sounds – they make some pretty tall claims there. The sounds in the demo are pretty flat and don’t have any vibrato in them, I wonder what will happen when you use a distorted guitar or a voice. Btw. there’s a tool that will separate notes into different tracks, has been available for quite a while and I’ve been using it with great success: http://mdsp.smartelectronix.com/2005/11/simple-demixing.php It’s free, too.


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