A promoter gave me a hand made red TB-303 clone.

Red TB-303 Clone - Backside

In 1994 I performed my first live show in Europe at a huge event called “Hellraiser Immorality”. It took place in Amsterdam and there was well over 30,000 people going crazy. I was with John Selway and we were performing under the name Disintegrator. I remember being pretty shocked how large the event was. I remember there was an ecstacy testing booth Disintegrator - Oliver Chesler and John Selway(to make sure your pills were “safe”) and a place to get your head shaved! As far as my memory serves me Robert Hood was also playing that night and several people from the classic techno label R&S. I remember Hood had some issues because he didn’t play hard enough for the Dutch crowd. I remember R&S because of certain things I saw backstage (I was innocent back then!).

There was a Dutch act called Haarlem Hardcore Source also performing that night. It turned out they were fans of our music and I noticed a strange red box in their live set up. When I asked what it was they told me, “A home brew TB-303!”. Then to my amazement they offered it to me… for free! You simply don’t turn down offers like that. It didn’t have the interesting sequencer of a real 303 but the basic sound was extremely close. With careful Midi programming (back then on Atari Cubase) you could fake the slides and accents that made the 303 so wicked.

Red TB-303 Clone

I stayed friends with the HHS crew for some years. I went out to Haarlem and recorded a 12″ William Jordenswith them called “Future Fuckers United“. The title made sense back then for some reason. HHS doesn’t exist anymore but one of the group members William Jordens is a well known DJ in Holland known under the name The Rapist! William also works with Multigroove which throws huge events and has his own event business called Your Dance Company. He books me several times a year. How’s that for a friend? The red clone now lives with a friend of mine in NY who records under the name 8-bit. Over the years I also owned two real TB-303s but they were stolen in the 90s. These days when I am looking for the acid sound I open Audiorealism’s Bassline 2. Using the software let’s me have as many 303s as I like. I challenge you to be able to pick a real one vs the software especially inside a mix.

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10 thoughts on “A promoter gave me a hand made red TB-303 clone.”

  1. I also like the audiorealism bassline 2 if I want to use software – but on stage with 13th Monkey I prefer the futureretro Revolution which has a totally fantastic sound and is great to perform with! with KiEw i rarely use 303s. ;)

  2. Audiorealism and Phoscyon are the closest I’ve heard to the real thing, though as great as the Phoscyon sounds they still aint got the filter licked.

    There are all these purists who are like if it aint a real 303 its garbage..I dont give a fuck I personally like the Novation Basstation for acid lines, VST or the realy dealy, especially when the oscillators pitches are synced and you just sharp or flat only one tone and you get that doomed tone!!!

    I can’t front though..303 sequencer cant be touched! Though I hear good things about that discontinued MAM seq, and the Doepfer Maq..Hmmmm..nobody in the US I know got any MAM gear.

  3. Dammm..that Disintegrator link brought back memories btw, Gerritsen beach outlaws..9Volt and Dysfunctional underground crew..Nicky Fingers(RIP) and Creator banging it out…wasn’t Hyperspace a Brooklyn label??

    I shit you not my boy found this flyer from ’98 for an outlaw thrown by Ground Zero and 9-11 productions..spooky!!

  4. I actually have some great flyers saved in protective plastic sleeves. I have some of the Storm Rave flyers, etc… Eventually I will have to scan some and get them online.

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