A video of the Effectrix plug-in from Sugar-Bytes.

Here is a Wire to the Ear video of an absolutely must have plug-in that has just been released. Effectrix is a VST/Audio Unit which sequences effects such as XLoop, Scratch, Reverse, Stretch, Tonal Delay, Stutter, Vinyl, Crush, Filter, Phaser, Chorus, Delay and Reverb. Sugar-Bytes from Germany has done a really fantastic job here.

Tweak your beats, create new rhythms, turn your stuff into colorful grainclouds….reverse parts, stretch others, apply delaylines or even create melodies out of atonal material. – Sugar-Bytes.de

I’ve been waiting for a plug-in like this to appear for Mac OS-X. On the PC side there has been Illinformed’s Glitch. In this video I set up a simple Roland TR-808 drum loop using Audiorealism’s ADM. I added the Ableton Compressor and Saturator to make the 808 more like “hot chrome”. I go through some of the presets, adjust a few parameters and alter some Effectrix sequence bars. As I recorded this I noticed a few parameters I need to figure out. For example, how to adjust the sequence step length and have one effect line modulate another. I also see there is a random function which I absolutely love.

There is a 30 day demo. Be warned: to try is to buy!

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13 thoughts on “A video of the Effectrix plug-in from Sugar-Bytes.”

  1. uhh wow i’m glad this was released on time and not one of those “coming soon” type products! you’re right- in this case to try is to buy, sadly.

    i am a big fan of dblue’s Glitch plugin, this one is strikingly similar in many ways just after a few minutes of playing, but it also seems to improve upon that design – two improvements i noticed right away are the multiple layers of fx(Glitch was sort of monotimbral in this regard), as well there are presets for each effect.

    since it’s so similar to a free plugin, i feel the price is just a bit high even though Glitch was worth far more than its price tag – esp. since you can hear it in many tracks out and about. that being said, i will still likely buy it after the trial is up, and this is from playing it for just a few minutes.

  2. Finally, a glitch for mac! Wheee! I was almost going to setup windows just for glitch :P
    I’m interested in checking out if i could trigger holds of certain effects on the fly for performance, set it up like a software kaoss pad as such, could be very flexible.

  3. well apparently to try really is to buy! i didn’t realize that the 30-day demo doesn’t recall settings. i started using it on a track and low and behold i ended up buying it. it’s not bug free yet but i’m sure they will iron out some of the problems. my main problem right now is it’s not recalling the global division size properly – it always goes back to 1/32

  4. Hi Da Dreadlord. No I do not get any percent of the sales from Effectrix. If I did I would put a disclaimer up somewhere. However, the video that plays is hosted by Blip.tv and they run pop-up ads over the videos I put online. I do see a small amount of money from those. Very small… for example the total profit I made so far from all the videos I have online is only about $8.00 USD.

  5. Yeah… all the ads on this site are a bit of an experiment. I find it all pretty interesting. The real reason I created Wire to the Ear was I was constantly repeating myself to friends… like “check this new plug-in out, etc…” Now I just do a post and send the link…

  6. i understand that

    i am on lots of forums and then u see lots of returning questions about vsts, programs, etc

    so i thinks its a cool idea to make a place like this ;)

  7. hmm. i downloaded the demo, and this plugin is really awesome. i’m am going to buy it as soon as i feel confident enough in the stability of it.
    So far i’ve had a few crashes in Ableton Live 7, OSX 10.4.11, but haven’t determined if it is because of the effectrix.
    I use Live for performances so any crashing is out of the question. This is why I use all outboard sound modules and synths and just use the laptop for MIDI and audio, which makes for a super smooth and stable environment. BUT, there is no company that makes and external FX unit that does this.. as far as I know.
    This thing has amazing quality FX, super low CPU strain, and just simply rocks! but i have to get a few dozen hours of testing in the studio before I use it live. I’ll guess I’ll keep on checking the KVRaudio forums and see how this baby’s doing….

  8. Hi NativeOps. So far I haven’t had any crashes with Effectrix. Im using the latest Ableton Live 7 and Mac OSX. I try not to use many plug-ins live myself… usually I will render the clips with effects in advance.

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