Photos from Guitar Center. 14th Street NYC.

Eventide Poster

Do you remember one of the first posts on wire to the ear titled “Would you work at Guitar Center?“. A few weeks ago I was in New York and stopped by the flagship Guitar Center Store on 14th Street and took some photos for you. My friend Dan works there and he says he loves Microphoneshis job.

They do have a pretty well stocked Pro-Audio department including some interesting pieces like the Chameleon Labs 7602 Preamplifier/Equalizer (a Chinese made inexpensive Neve clone). There are times when you need to see and hear something in person before you buy it. I spent a good amount of time playing with the Moog Voyager. I’m getting close to getting one of these amazing synths.

The Chauvet LED-EQ visualizer thing was pretty nice. You have to see these in person to appreciate how bright and flashy it is. They have a ton of nice microphones, a decent speaker room and scattered around are posters of vintage gear including this one which shows the history of Eventide.

Please click here to enjoy the full photo set from Guitar Center. Please note I put a Creative Commons license on these images so feel free to use them as long as you link back to this article.

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11 thoughts on “Photos from Guitar Center. 14th Street NYC.”

  1. i find it funny that even the small, po dunk g.c.’s look the same.
    kind of funny and very sad.
    what a “mc music” chain. omitting your friend, most people that work there love bad music and know very little technique, other than knowing to breathe.

    “man, dude, hey man, thanks dude, oh yeah, right on, fuck yeah, thats sweet, tight, rules, etc” ~the common phrases/verbage of guitar center.

  2. Guitar Center is owned by Mitt romney one of the people who has an agenda for making the poor(musicians) poorer and the Rich richer. Supporting this asshole’s company works against yourself as a musician and also rids us of the really cool music stores they run out of business.

  3. Fuckin GC…

    As a teen I saved up all summer to buy a Roland DJ-2000 groovemixer that was on sale display model In GC. I finally gather the fuckin cash, walked in the store, got treated like a dumb kid. I FINALLY got the attention of a sales person willing to help until Frankie Bones walked in the store. The salesguy was all on Frankies dick and ended up selling Frankie the DJ-2000. It was the prick kid w/ long hair who looks like a girl if staired at the wrong angle in Pro Audio on the northern blvd GC….Alex was his fuckin name…
    Alex you prick..Dan B. told me about the time you shit your pants during the sales meeting and were sent home.

    And I knew NYC was fucked when Starbucks started popping up all over the place. Dunkin Donuts coffee rocks!

  4. BOYCOTT GUITAR CENTER, MUSICIAN’S FIEND, MUSICIAN.COM, and MUSIC123. They are all owned by Bain Capital which is Mitt Romney’s holding company, which also owns all or part of ToysRUs, Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, Domino’s Pizza, and the Sports Authority. Romney, the capitalist pig, buys up companies, fires half the staff, cuts wages, imports shoddy product from China, and is responsible for American job loss, and crappy Chinese imports. Any self respecting musician with an ounce of integrity will go elsewhere to buy anyhting related to music. You have been warned.

  5. It cracks me up that people’s hate for Romney somehow reflects to his company. What a bunch of ignorant idiots who think people start business not to make money. If you have a problem on how Romney runs his businesses then get off you a## and buy the company and make it better. Stop your typical whining and complaining that typical libs do. Complain when someone else has more money than they do. Complain because they are incapable of making money in this country when the US is the best country to offer you the chance to become wealthy. Complain about capitalism when it is because of capitalism that idiots like this have access to computers, jobs, guitars. Stop complaining and get off your behinds and work your butts off. Then you can buy whatever you want without having to ask for discounts.

  6. Guitar Center sucks overall. Minimal service for gear you can get at many different locales nowadays for equal, if not more competitive prices. I also have to agree with “andras!” that the majority of the employees have horrible taste in music and are extremely elitist (Nu-metal? c’mon, that can’t be cool especially nowadays!). Quite frankly, in my eyes the majority of Guitar Center employees are the equivalent of Nazi comic-book geeks. And that’s an insult to comic book fans!

    Enough with the hate speech. Bottom line is that shoddy service = no business from me. I live in Chicago and we have several locations here. Out of the four that I have visited for years, I can’t say that I am happy overall. I find better luck and service online or through competitors.

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