Beatsource for Hip Hop has launched.


I’ve been impressed with how well Beatport has been doing. It really is a strong contender for electronic music downloads. The web interface, designed with help from Native Instruments is snazzy. The Beatportplayer is a great way for artists with music for sale on Beatport to spread there songs on multiple websites. The company also really knows how to market itself with an affiliate program and If your a full on shopper at Beatport the Beatport SYNC player with Traktor mixing abilities is also a worthy download.

Sales from my own record label have been strong on Beatport only second to iTunes. Beatport has a good financial reporting web interface for labels called Baseware. Inside Baseware you have some good analytics, charts and info to reach your own personal account manager at Beatport.

So today Beatsource has launched. It’s exactly like Beatport but for Hip Hop and UrbanConion Boombox music. If your producing this kind of music I suggest getting in early on. There is one section of Beatsource that has me very excited: Genres -> Old School.

In the 1980s I spent a good amount of time recording Mr. Magic and DJ Red Alert’s radio shows off Kiss and WBLS. I used my giant Conion boombox (the photo is my actual Conion in my father’s office) to record to cassettes. I have about 1000 tapes in storage but since they are all mixes I am still looking for complete versions of many of the songs. Just Ice, Mantronix, TLA Rock are some of the artists that come to mind. I will be a regular visitor at Beatsource. What I find most interesting is as I type this the #1 song on Beatsource is Jam on It by Nucleaus!

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3 thoughts on “Beatsource for Hip Hop has launched.”

  1. haha yes i thought the same thing when i saw the old school section! i was too young to be listening to hiphop in the 80s but we have a few radio shows in toronto that play some old school cuts, and i’m glad that there will be a place where i can shop for them now online with quick previewing ability.

  2. Yea I was cracking up about Jam On It being number one! I loved that song. I’m really deep into Minimal Techno but I found electronic music by of Hip Hop. I’ll always dig the beats. Speaking of Beatport and iTunes, how hard was it for you to get your label added on to their services? What were the requirements to entry? I read on Beatport’s site that they are not taking any more labels at this time. Maybe that was just so they could get Beatsource off the ground.

  3. Hi Endosine. Things to Come was already pretty established with a bunch of releases on vinyl so that helped. If I remember correctly when Beatport launched we applied and never got an answer. Then I phoned them directly and everything happened within a week. I don’t think there is any official requirement other than proving to them you can sell more than 5 songs a quarter.

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