EZdrummer Twisted Kit created by Michael Blair.

Tom Waits

I am huge fan of Tom Waits. Even if your not into his style you have to appreciate the crazy broken pianos, drum kits and liquor induced vocals he produces. Besides his drunken rants he also creates some awesome love songs like Picture in a Frame and I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You.

Michael Blair is one of the people behind the Wait’s sound. He has created a drum kit expansion library for EZdrummer by Toontrack called “Twisted Kit“. It features some of these unique sounds based on real life objects such as Cardboard Box, Hubcap and Cakepan.

EZdrummer Twisted KitIn October of 1985 Tom Waits released the album Rain Dogs. The album was an instant classic and marked a new sound for him. A rough, dirty neo-blues style with awkward rhythms and hard edges. Part of the band that contributed to that sound was drummer and percussionist Michael Blair. His highly personal instrument set-up which included a mix of regular drums and odd bits and pieces like trashcans, bedroom furniture and rusty bicycle frames fit perfectly with the sound that Waits was looking for. The combination of Michael’s timing, expression, and junkyard sounds created a rich and useful range of musical textures to accent Waits’ intricate storytelling. – www.toontrack.com

Unless you make music that utilizes real drum kits EZDrummer is overkill. But this new expansion pack should at least be a good reminder that making your own sounds is a great way to spark creativity and be original.

Do you know of any great drum kits online free or for sale that feature offbeat real life objects?

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