A new synth is born. Analogue Solutions Leipzig.

Analogue Solutions Leipzig

Analogue Solutions is a wonderful UK company who creates new analog synthesizers. If your not aware of what they offer head directly to their website and check out some of their cool toys. This week they released a new rack mount monophonic synth called Leipzig.

  • Pure analogue voice circuitry.
  • Fat Moog style filter.
  • 2 VCOs with Glide and Sub-VCOs.
  • Plenty of modulation routing possibilities.
  • Extra tone controls and circuits for more sound variety e.g. LFO, CrossMod.
  • Rugged steel construction and ‘vintage’ wood design.
  • MIDI In for software sequencer control

It’s in stock and ready to ship for £549 +vat & shipping.

For more info click to: www.analoguesolutions.com

via Matrixsynth

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4 thoughts on “A new synth is born. Analogue Solutions Leipzig.”

  1. WHY do synths always cost so darn much?! I’m AMAZED electronic music ever made it out of the showroom… Surely there’s a company out there who’ll make an amazing synth for under £100? Like the Behringer of synthesisers?!! COME ON!!!

  2. That’s pretty cheap I thought, keeping in mind it’s pure analog and it’s still a couple hundred £ less than a Moog LP, which is well priced in the first place (I picked one up last year)… And I love the fact that it’s called Leipzig! I’d love a synth called “Alexanderplatz”…

    Seriously though, synths aren’t impulse-buy things, they’re instruments, and you get your money’s worth in the end.

  3. peanut, if you think about the amount of time it takes to source parts, design, silkscreen or paint, design, calibrate, test, bugs, midi, software…analogue solutions rock, theyre not corporate budgeted theyre designed to offer value for money and quality equipment and they succeed in that, if you dont want to buy ‘expensive’ analoguwe synths then settle for soft synth digi-puke…if you paid yourself minimum wage for the work done it would cost more, they do it for the love of the art, not fast buck big bargains.behringer did their research and development decades back so can afford to sell at competetive market prices..

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