Dance in the studio, dance in the schoolyard!

I’ve been in a few studios where the main desk is set up so you stand instead of sit in front of it. Every time I asked why, I got the same response: I like to dance while I work! I can relate because although I sit when working you better believe when I get my song sounding good I crank it, stand up and dance my ass off. Besides reminding myself that I’m mentally ill the exercise gets my brain fresh for another editing session. I love this video. This is how they do it in Belgium! It gets good about 45 seconds in.

What do you think?


  1. Us americans (at least the one’s I know) affectionately refer to this as “Crazy straight white boy syndrome.” Some thing I have been known to suffer from. It can, on occasion, get ugly.


  2. I can get really ugly around Danchall Reggae for us white boys also, specially when ya got alot of drinks in ya. Dancehall+whiteboy=Honkey Hump!


  3. Theres also a video of Dave Clarke floating around somewhere on youtube where the Honkey really comes out, but nowhere as funny as these guys!


  4. the type of music is called gabber, and ‘jumpstyle’ is the type of dancing they do. this stuff has been around since the mid 90s, its not everyone’s cuppa tea, and is heavily drug-influenced music. running on spot high on e to dance music, sounds like a ball. one of the songs they play is by major bryce


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