The Doepfer A-189-1 Voltage Controlled Bit Modifier.

Deopfer Modular Synthesizer

There is a fantastic new Doepfer module expected to be released in May. The A-189 Voltage Controlled Bit Crusher / Modifier makes some serious noise. It has a A/D converter which Doepfer A-189-1takes your incoming signal and makes it digital. Once in the digital realm it reduces and shuffles the bit order of the incoming sound.

It offers several voltage controlled algorithmic functions like voltage controlled bit crunching, bit shifting (with/without carry over), bit exchange, rectifying, absolute value and calculating operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. –

Because it’s part of a modular synthesizer system it has various inputs. You can send an LFO or ADSR into the module to effect different parameters. Voltage control over the bit crusher and sampling rate is awesome! Analog control into this digital module is xxxx. The digital module has 16 different modes which all sound different from each other.

Here are two audio samples from the homepage:

To see a great video of Dieter Doepfer at NAMM 2008 head to Sonic State. The A-189-1 show begins at 4:55: click here

The projected price is 80 euros (no brainer!). For more audio samples click to:

photo credit: kedasc

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