How we use to do it! Energy Flash tribute.

In the early 90s I was in several techno acts. To toot my own horn a little I have over 75 12″ singles out there. This video reminds me how John Selway and I as Disintegrator used to make music. The guy in this (awesome) video is covering the classic track Energy Flash by Joey Beltram. I really loved watching this. Seeing the Akai discs and Mackie mixer being muted/unmuted again was cool. Thanks for the flashback attack!

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5 Responses to “How we use to do it! Energy Flash tribute.”

  1. shane says:

    this dude dedicated some time…

  2. OK, He’s touchin the Tbee but I dont hear anything coming out, regardless great!

  3. Lost says:

    i think the 303 is just sending midi data to the roland synth, and syncing with the 808 and 909…maybe?

  4. Eric Wood says:

    Disintegrator is still some of my favorite stuff!

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