My thoughts on Macworld 2008 and the Macbook Air.

Apple Macbook Air

Every blog in the world has to run a story on everything Steve said last night and I will play along. What did we get? A new super light laptop the Macbook Air, a Network backup system for Time Machine called Time Capsule, a new Apple TV and iTunes Movie Rentals and more applications for the iPhone.

There is no reason for me to get into the specifications because they are all at but here is what I thought was important to take note of.

Firewire IconWhile the Macbook Air is completely gorgeous and lust worthy, it won’t make a great pro-audio machine because of what it is missing: a Firewire port. USB 2.0 is fast but it pushes data in packets and from everything I read it’s not ideal for multi-channel pro-audio. In fact, I believe Digidesign does not even support USB 2.0.

Time Capsule is a good product. It gets the stack of Lacie drives you have for backup off your desk and hid away. I would have liked to see the concept go one step further and be a true network storage device instead of only for dedicated backup.

Apple TVThe new Apple TV paired with iTunes Movie Rentals is a game changer. The price is now just about $200 for the unit and it no longer needs to be paired to any computer. Once they get tons of movies available it will be like having Netflix but without having to wait for the postman. They have all the movie studios on board and the price for rentals is right on target. As a musician having YouTube, podcasts and flickr on Apple TV is fantastic. It puts your own content right there next to the big boys stuff, “Hey Dad… want to see my new music video?”.

Lastly, there were new applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. The SDK is coming and later this year new iPhones. There are going to be tons of music software for the device. Mini sequencers, drum machines, controller apps. It’s going be great!

What did you think of the announcements?

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3 thoughts on “My thoughts on Macworld 2008 and the Macbook Air.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the lack of FW. They could have at least stuck a mini FW400 port somewhere. The rest of the world needs ports. No one complained that Apple’s other portable models had too many ports! USB2 does not suffice for much beyond mice and keyboards. I suppose the lack of replaceable or upgradeable HD, RAM, or battery could also be a huge issue for some. I honestly don’t think the Air needed to be that thin if it meant such compromises had to made.

  2. sorry had to add: the lack of FW means you basically can’t do anything professional on this machine beyond Tax preparation. No Pro Audio, Video, or Photo. Oh sure you can still play with iTunes and iPhoto…

  3. i think if you have to do any sort of “pro” work, the machine for you is the macbook pro. the MBA has to be that thin because it is, ultimately, a fashion statement – something you look at and use with awe (like the iPhone). it’s going after the fashionistas. it’s created a new segment of “sexy” laptops.

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