BeatBearing clear plastic chrome sphere sequencer.

There are many reasons why I am in love with this video: clear plastic, chrome spheres, multi-color LEDs, laser scanner and Roland TR-808 sounds. I am really happy things like this and other unique sequencers such as the Monome and Tenori-on are being produced. I’m on the verge of either building one myself of buying one.

A tangible rhythm sequencer. Ball bearings are used to trigger drum sounds. Visual feedback is displayed from underneath to indicate the current time and the state of each ball bearing.

Do you want one too?

Peter Bennetts website: click here
via Matrixsynth

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  1. I saw this yesterday and I agree, it’s a very kind of sweet and accessible design. Also, hardly very useful. It seems like he’s just using some type of multi-touch screen with added hardware built on top. (no laser scanner involved, sorry man ;))

    I love the way he’s combining a physical interface with a virtual system this way. Many of these touch screen controllers lack this. Reactable did it pretty well.

    I like to see more done with this concept though.. Move columns around to create swing, add diffrent ball sizes for volume and maybe a larger funnel on top in which you can poor a number of bearings to create random beats.


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