Get political in 2008! Elect your candidate! Sing it!

Protest Sign

So we are a year away from the end of the George W. Bush era. I’m sure there are a few people on this planet that will be sad to see him leave office. I am not one of them. Feel free to fight me in the comments of this post if you like!

As musicians are we more in tune with the world? It sure feels like it to me and it feels bad lately. I recently read watched this video which details how birds are disappearing from North America. What the? Birds are disappearing! We need some new leaders fast, especially in the United States.

So what to do? Well if your a sign maker then go make some signs. If your a web designer Sonic Groove SGS0001go make some websites. If your a chef bake a cake with your candidates face on it. If your reading this blog chances are your a musician so MAKE A SONG! I choose to believe in life that everything and anyone can make a difference.

I recorded two political songs in my life. The first song called Blood in the Sand was recorded after the first Iraq War. In it I go on about terrorists hitting US cities with a gas attack but as we all know it was airplanes in 2001. It is a free download and then later also was released on Sonic Groove Records, SGS0001 and the proceeds went to NYC Firefighters. I wrote another song after 9/11 called Wir Sind Angekommen (We Have Arrived) which was released on Acardipane Records, ACA 2017.002/12. It was later released on the bonus disc of my first album Manic Panic.

So what songs come to my mind when I think protest? What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, Youth Against Fascism by Sonic Youth, Where Have All The Flowers Gone by Pete Seeger, Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley.

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3 thoughts on “Get political in 2008! Elect your candidate! Sing it!”

  1. The 5 o’clock news covered his golfing trip to Camp David the day after the first 5 POW’s were taken, how can that motherfucker as commander in chief sleep with himself at night for that. A spit in the militaries face if you ask me.
    I ain’t a dem but i certainly am not and fuckin dont trust rep’s, dems got shit up their sleeve also.
    Whether you vote for the lesser of 2 evils you still vote for evil! Were all fucked!

  2. Yes agreed. I used to think I was a bit crazy always thinking we were living in a giant conspiracy. Now to my sadness I think it really maybe true. Luckily music and music technology is bloodless job (unless your stage diving).

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