Micport Pro from CEntrance USB Micpre.

Micport Pro

Yesterday I was listening to a really great podcast called Macbreak Weekly. It’s one of the many podcasts Leo Laporte produces and as the name implies it covers all things Mac. AtMacbreak Weekly the end of the show Leo and the guests all pick a product of the week. Chris Breen the editor and chief of MacWorld magazine picked the Micport Pro from CEntrance.

I am in process of making some screencasts for this very site and to get a good voice over I kept having to pull out my M-Audio Firewire 410 audio interface from the live show gear. As you can see from the photo above the Micport Pro is simple USB Micpre that’s more like an adapter than anything else. The other great thing is it’s class compliant which means no driver installs! Just attach to the mic and plug in and you go. Now I keep an old Shure SM58 on my desk ready to use without hassle. The Micport Pro is $124… not bad!

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8 thoughts on “Micport Pro from CEntrance USB Micpre.”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Yes it’s good. If you listen to the episode of Macbreak Weekly focus on Chris Breen’s voice. He is using it: click here

    Of course it is not a high end Micpre but for the price and portability its cool. You may know this but a compressor, gate and eq on the vocal will do wonders also.

  2. I particularly like the MicPort Pro for those situations where I need to record something on my laptop while on the road (a podcast or quick vocal, for example). Note that in the MacBreak Weekly episode cited above I’m using a really good mic — an old AKG 414 — so credit where it’s due.

  3. Hi Chris,

    It’s great to have you visit wire to the ear! You do a superb job at Macworld. I am a long time subscriber and have been visiting the url since the MacCentral days. I think the new re-design is very nice too.

  4. Thanks. I should mention that I’m not really the EiC of Macworld, just a Senior Editor (which is largely a glorified title for Writer).

    Nice job putting Ableton Live on the Top 10 gifts list. God that’s an amazing program. I’m a Vision guy from way back and I haven’t had this much fun with a DAW since those Opcode days.

  5. I agree Ableton is a game changer. I think anyone who really learned the program would use it full time even long time Pro-Tools users. I used Studio Vision when I was at college (Suny Purchase)… it’s funny how attached we get to software. I guess I’m a true nerd.

    In a few days I am posting a screencast on that program Harmony Navigator also in the top 10 gift list. I think when people see it in action and then what it can produce brought into Ableton they will jump on it.

    By the way on the subject of old sequencers this was a post I made about the ancient Dr. T’s KCS: http://www.wiretotheear.com/2007/12/11/dr-ts-kcs-keyboard-controlled-sequencer/

  6. MicPort not as good as higher end analog mic preamps? Check this out from Tom Phillips in Post:

    “I set up a test comparing it [MicPort Pro] to a Grace Design 201 preamp recording into Cakewalk Sonar 6 on my PC, and then replayed the same parts using the same microphones fed through the MicPort Pro and Garage Band. For microphones I used a Neumann U87 (condenser) and a Coles 4038 (ribbon). In general, I would say that the MicPort Pro compared incredibly well. At times it was difficult to hear any difference at all.”

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