Back from London with a follow up tip.

Gerechtigkeitsliga Live

This past weekend I played a cool goth-freak club in London called Slimelight. I think it’s the de-facto place for darker music there. The opening band from Germany “Gerechtigkeitsliga” (photo above) reminded me of so many of the noise bands I saw in NYC during the 80’s. I’d like to thank Lenny from their crew for dousing me with his Beer during my set. I will update this post with a link to some photos once I collect and get them online.

The tip of the day as far as this blog’s focus and my trip to London is “the follow up”. It may seem obvious but keeping your focus and game on before and after a gig when meeting people is important. You should really consider your socializing important work. You never know who is there to see you. Never, ever judge a book by it’s cover! The youngest looking weirdo could be your biggest fan who through out his lifetime gets you more promotion then any magazine ad ever would. The old drunk guy missing a tooth could be an A&R scout.

Collect email addresses, websites and MySpace pages. Anyone who came out to see you and then also made point to come up to you to say hello deserves a thank you. Don’t you think so? It’s easy to forget when your in “Rock Star mode” that without fans your shows would be seriously lame!

I know more than anyone what’s it’s like to have some kid with bad ecstasy-alcohol breath try and yell over the music in my ear. More often than not besides the smell and screaming he only “thinks” he can speak English. But regardless how many times this happens to me I remain friendly. You can’t break theFront 242 - Front by Front kid’s heart. You will feel bad about it later.

I remember fondly getting a ticket stub autographed from Jean Luc Demeyer from Front 242. It was after a live show they played at Irving Plaza in 1987. I was 17 and he was gracious and friendly. Because of that fact every time I look at the my Front by Front CD in which I keep the signed stub I smile. Imagine he told me to fuck off. What would I be writing on this blog today? Get my point?

There are other advantages to keeping your fans as friends. They probably know ten other people who were at the show and can gather together some show photos for you. If any slug tries to steal your equipment if your a liked person chances are people will stop the fool. The list goes on…

Update: Photos from the live show are now posted on flickr: click here 

photo credit: Nikki Entwistle

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