Grandaddy is one of my favorite bands.

In the above interview Jason Lytle the lead singer of Granddaddy tells us what the secret of songwriting is. This video has been going around for a while but it’s definitely worth watching so I reposted it. I wish this band did not break up. I saw them live at Irving Plaza and they were superb. One of my all time favorite bands. Here are ten great Grandaddy songs:

  1. The Crystal Lake
  2. Jed’s Other Poem (beautiful ground)
  3. So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky
  4. Hewlett’s Daughter
  5. Lost On Yer Merry Way
  6. A.M. 180
  7. Nonphenomenal Lineage
  8. Underneath The Weeping Willow
  9. The Final Push To The Sum
  10. Rear View Mirror

Do you like Granddady? What’s your favorite from them?


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2 thoughts on “Grandaddy is one of my favorite bands.”

  1. under the western freeway was the soundtrack to a very, very strange year or so of my life. “nonphenomenal lineage” is such a great track, sets the scene for the whole thing. bizarrely, after i’d left town, started work elsewhere, etc, one of the first albums i acquired was “the sophtware slump”. saw them live on the next album tour, but 1999-2001 these guys hardly ever left the stereo.

  2. I heard one of their songs by chance and the same week saw them live at Irving Plaza. They were great live and the show was full of hipsters. I was surprised anyone was there for some reason. Has the lead singer done anything since they broke up?

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