The show must go on! Bring medicine!


The past two days I’ve been dealing with the flu. I’m not a happy sick person and my mind simply aint right.

Being ill brings to mind a good tip. Pack all sorts of (legal) pills with you when you perform. There’s nothing to say that even though you feel great when you step outside your apartment on the way to the gig your going to return that healthy. You can go from Joe Weider to Droopy the Dog in less than a few hours.

vomitI also pack throat lozenges. Often I find a long sound check mixed with pre-show loud “talking” in the club to kill my voice right before show time. Make sure you chuck them in the bag of wires so your sure to have them.

I also pack Sedonium (300MG) which is basically concentrated Valerian Root. It’s a natural sleep-aid. Too often I get back to the hotel at 5:00 AM and Im still way pumped up from the night. I’d stay clear of Ambien unless your prepared to miss your flight home.While your at the pharmacy also grab some Saline Solution, wet naps, moisturizer and lip balm. It’s a rough world out there!

Here’s my advice if you are sick before you even leave for an event, don’t cancel! One hundred percent of the time you will get through the show feeling fine and survive. Be strong because rule number one is, the show must go on!

photo credits: bayat and assbach

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