Ableton Live 7 – Slice to Midi video.

Here I download a drum loop from and open it in Ableton Live 7. I then crop the sample and use the new Slice to Midi feature. Once done the audio is in a new Drum Rack with all the sounds on separate audio channels. I re-arrange the midi notes, add a Ping Pong delay and use the Drum Rack’s macro controls.

I’m really enjoying Live 7, Leopard and even iMovie which I used to quickly piece this together. Have you upgraded yet?


  1. Stylus RMX is somewhat in trouble now. You could now also load REX files into Ableton Live 7.0 and the slices are automatically mapped to midi.


  2. Live 7 rules… Drum racks and slicing are opening many new creative doors…


  3. I bought Stylus RMX because of the uber positive reviews but I never used it much. Something about it screams Rock Producer to me. It’s definitely a nice capable program but I just never seem to click it on.


  4. Disco DSP’s Highlife freeware did that internally and were able to apply the internal efx. Still this looks a shitload more creative. I see Prop’s Recycle going out of business!


  5. sounds hideous. i can’t abide electronica


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