To perform live with controllers: Controllerism

Controllerism Movie Link

There is a huge force of upcoming electronic musicians performing live who use an array of modified controllers. They are not Not DJs. The new buzz word is on the street describing the phenomena: Controllerism.

If you make electronic music you owe it to yourself to watch the video above. Artist Moldover from Brooklyn gives the best example what what Controllerism is all about. He has twisted his Novation Remote 25 to do his bidding. He has some great ideas when it comes to setting up his performance in Ableton Live.

Roland SBX10 Sync BoxIn many ways this reminds me of the early 1990s when John Selway and I as Disintegrator hacked together toys, 303s and a Roland SBX10 sync box and performed live around the New York area. It’s about pushing the limits of gear.

Even if you don’t like the name Controllerism it represents the next big thing already happening. It’s already not good enough to show up and perform live with only a laptop. I am already knee deep in my own wires and ideas. What are you waiting for? Get hacking, soldering, re-knobbing and mapping!

Also check out Remix magazine’s article on Moldover: click here


  1. Poor mans Ableton controller:

    I thought all that hacking and soldering was cool at first, but it takes too much time for me which could be making music. I still want to build a midibox 64 though, monome LOOK cool, but seroiusly one shouldnt learn to hack to use it.


  2. Ah thats a cool hack! I never saw that post before.


  3. Chesler and Selway, damm I bet that sounded crazy acid beepy! I saw u guys all in CBGB’s once about 5 years ago, great night.


  4. Hi Evan (LX7). Welcome to the blog. For everyone who doesnt know go check out Evans great video podcasts and more:


  5. Thanks, and thank you for dropping me the lead on this whole Controllerism scene. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from it.


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