An introduction to the wild world of music blogs.

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We all love blogs because they give us a quick fix of hot info. A little more than a blurb a little less than an article. A break from the sequencer and comping vocals. Yes we all take too many of these breaks but hey it’s fun and sometimes we actually learn something! Do you know about music blogs? MP3 blogs? Blog labels? Honestly I’ve just been turned on to these in a big way. This is where the hip cool people hang (I think?!). I’m not going to delve into copyright stuff here because it doesn’t take too much time viewing any of these blogs to realize you can steal the music off the sites easily. If you want to get into that discussion head over to my post titled “What if music should be free?“.

A great example of a hip music blog is Bright graphics, flyer’s for events where everyone is on cocaine and DJ mixes compressed so loudly your teeth hurt are the norm here. At first the lingo will make you wonder if it’s an English speaking website. Despite that, keep reading because these are music lovers sharing with you! I’ve discovered more new music here than searching by a long shot. I also now have a never ending supply of said DJ mixes for the gym.

Want something more indie? is the place. It’s basically the Austin, Texas, Seattle and any other cool rock town music scene in blog form. The writers here always let you into the story with a bit of history on the band. Forget the pretentious Pitchfork review site and crew and spend more time at Stereogum.

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Want a user driven music blog Digg style? Then run to where I recently discovered the Swedish band Six Figure Transatlantic and their incredible cover version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I hope Fairtilizer keeps growing because with a voting system good music gets noticed without big marketing budgets. This is the way it should be no? screenshotHere’s a few more I know of:

There is a master music blog site that grabs audio from all over the music blogoshpere called The Hype Machine. It’s a bit more aggregator and impersonal but if new audio is all that matters to you then its a must view.

Lastly, I would like to point out that some of these blogs are highly influential and as a musician it could do you a lot of good to have your music on them. Apparently many musicians are already fighting to get noticed by bloggers. Check out this article at titled “Ten ways to get music bloggers to notice your email”.

Do you know any cool music blogs not listed here?

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