Soundsnap is another great free samples resource.

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Last week I talked about the Freesound Project’s great website for free samples. Shortly after I received an email from Tasos Frantzolas from Tasos wanted to let me know about a similar site they have. When I traveled over to the site I realized I have been there before and even downloaded some sounds from it.

It’s another good place to look for royalty free samples. It looks a bit more slick and up to date than the Freesound Project. One difference I notice is in the license Soundsnap samples come with.

– To remix or transform the sounds in any way

– To copy, distribute and transmit the sounds

– To use the sounds in any music, film, video game, website etc. whether commercial or not, without paying royalties or other fees

See that last one? You can use Soundsnap samples in commercial projects. The Freesound Project’s Creative Commons license requires you to contact the sample Zoom H2 - photoowner if you want to use the sound commercially. Allthough I never had an issue with getting rights without any fee attached from Freesound Project members it worth noting.

Remember if you have some spare time to give back to these sites. A few samples from your old analog synths, a vocal here and there or grab one of the awesome new portable recorders that recently hit the market.

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2 thoughts on “Soundsnap is another great free samples resource.”

  1. Guys Soundsnap it’s over…!

    Business is business, got to pay for some lousy samples?!

    Sadness is all around me…:)

    It’s a pity ‘couse it was a very good site…

  2. I guess anything is great when its FREE! Not free anymore and actually hard to navigate, tons of redundant sounds, organization makes little sense …. on the flip side I’ve found one site which is way easier to use, has better sfx, and makes much more sense, Sound Library at

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