Photos from Sound & Drumland. Berlin, Germany.

Sound and Drumland - photo

There are a few good places to buy pro-audio equipment in Berlin. If your looking for a personal touch and boutique equipment head to Kruezberg and visit City Sound Pro. Berlin has the worlds greatest analog synthesizer store at Alexanderplatz called Schneider’s Buero. When you walk in a Theremin will track your moves and greet you. From there Mr. Schneider himself will show you his vast collection. For used vintage stuff you can try a small shop on Schönhauser Allee called Musikinstrumente & Design.Moog Voyager - photo

But the main go to place is called Sound and Drumland. It’s basically Germany’s version of Sam Ash or Guitar Center. They have three stores in Berlin and a large online presence. According to their website they have been around since 1978. The store that sits in between my apartment and recording studio in Prenzlauer Berg is in the Kulturbraurei. The Kulturbraurei used to be a beer brewery and its been renovated to house a concert hall, movie theater, art galleries and more. It’s a great place because you walk into the complex and there are no cars. In the summer they host outdoor classical concerts and in the winter a great Christmas market. For Popkomm I saw Nitzer Ebb and Black Strobe perform at one of the venues in the Kulturbraurei called Kesselhaus.

Please click here to enjoy the full photo set from Sound and Drumland. Please note I put a Creative Commons license on these images so feel free to use them as long as you link back to this article. Be sure to check out the photo of the worlds largest Roland Jupiter-8 synthesizer! Have you been to Berlin? Have you done any pro-audio shopping here?

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