The Magnetic Fields and Stephin Merritt.

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It’s very important when talking music tech and production to remember that the finished song is the most important thing. For those of you who know the band The Magnetic Fields read no further because you already know what I am about to say. Stephin Merritt is one of today’s most prolific song writers. His solo work and his productions with his band The Magnetic Fields are darkness divine.

Mr. Merritt writes downer music which is right up my alley. He’s a short thick set New Yorker who’s demeanor is not far off from comedian Steven Wright. People often believe he is being facetious in his song writing but I whole heartedly feel he means every overcast word. From a production standpoint The Magnetic Fields are not afraid to use synthesizers, drum machines, mandolins, household items and spring reverbs. His music has appeared in television commercials (Volvo), films (Lemony Snicket) and several theatrical events.

Here’s a few of my personal favorite songs by Stephin Merritt and crew. You owe it to yourself to listen to the audio samples, be blown away and then buy everything they ever recorded.Stephin Merritt - photo

Underwear – The only description for this song is “wicked”. The first verse is like a flame thrower and when the second verse hits you the world explodes. This song has a twisted surprise. Check out the lyrics to find out what is it.

The Book of Love – This is fast becoming the number one song played at weddings. Beautifully romantic without the cheese. You will play it over and over and wish you were the one who wrote it.

Smoke and Mirrors – Be warned this song will make you want to go to a bar and drink. If your in AA don’t listen to this. “… a little fear a little sex that’s all there is behind the tears”. Oh Stephin I want to stalk you and kill you for releasing this song into my life.

All My Little Words – Sometimes you fall in love with someone that will never love you back. This life’s tragedy happens to a million teenagers a day and thats what this wonderful song is about.

Smile – Some people think they are in pain. Some people don’t know what pain really is. This song is for them.

I Don’t Believe in the Sun – Life’s not fair. It’s not meant to be. That’s why it can be bittersweet. That’s why this song is so great.

The new Magnetic Fields album is now planned for release in early 2008. The exact release date and album title will be announced shortly, as well as information on other Stephin Merritt projects. The band will probably do some US tour dates following the release, and when these are confirmed, they will be posted in the Calendar section of the website. Meanwhile, Stephin Merritt continues to work on developing several new projects in theater, including a stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s children’s book Coraline. –

The following is a message for Steven Merritt in case he ever does a vanity search and finds this article: A few years ago when binges were part of our lives some friends and I almost met you. We entered an after hours bar in Chelsea and a music writer I knew said you had just left. We waited a while to see if you would return. It would have been great to shake your hand.

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  1. I completely agree with you.. I first heard the magnetic fields when I was a kid, and I never stopped listening. Infact, I fall more and more in love with this music – not to forget, the lyrics! – everyday
    It’s a shame so little people seem to’ve heard of them though. But I intend to educate whomever I come across and I’ve already converted many of my friends.. :)
    I’d love to see them in concert, still hoping they’ll play here in amsterdam some day.

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