MySpace is going to open its platform.

Myspace bathroom - photoEvery band or musician has a MySpace page right? It’s the internet’s trailor park but I’ve learned to love it’s charm. There is no quicker way to get a feel for a band online. About once a week I go into exploration mode and randomly jump around different MySpace pages and listen to what they have to offer. I’m always amazed at how much music is being created.

MySpace is about to change in a big way. Next month they are going to open up their API to developers.

An application programming interface (API) is a source code interface that an operating system or library provides to support requests for services to be made of it by computer programs.” –

This means that individual programmers and large corporations will all be creating thousands of mini programs and widgets that you will be able to add to your profile. This is similar to what Facebook has done but this is MySpace and MySpace is for musicians. Finally you will be able to add RSS feeds to and from MySpace pages. RSS is a great way of sending information on a page to another website or email newsletter. Imagine all the nice comments you get on MySpace appearing on the side of your WordPress blog. Geotagging applications, flickr, mini online stores like Spreadshirt (sell your band’s T’s), and ridiculous things like Dogster will all soon be available to MySpace users. I imagine there will be a host of applications designed to help you sell and promote your music.

myspace - logoFor further reading on MySpace’s big change check out Techcrunch’s article “Counterstrike: Murdoch, DeWolfe Announce MySpace Platform and New Privacy Controls” and on “Murdoch Makes it Official: MySpace is Going Open“.

So without further ado I present you with my MySpace page: If you leave your MySpace page in the comments I will go check it out and let you know what I think. So what’s your MySpace page?

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4 thoughts on “MySpace is going to open its platform.”

  1. I didn’t know about Live going open. Big thanks for the link! There’s not a lot of info on that site yet but I do see a forum with a feature suggestion area. Ableton is my favorite piece of software hands down and this is only going to make it better.

  2. Ever since Live 4 incorporated MIDI it has been the best. As a former Cubase SX user my only gripe is that rendered audio just sounded better in Cubase, but ppl say I’m crazy and they don’t hear a difference. Sound engine will be different in Live 7 anyway.

  3. Learned today that Myspace has released a redesign to endeavour to win back visitors. It is failing in the fight with Facebook. The different look tries to provide a stronger browser experience and is definately more simplified.Would you recognise how this will bear upon the existing templates and Myspace blueprints. Mobile users are also to be received with a different mobile site. Is this an great opening for your applications and designs.

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