The verse chorus succession in Ableton Live.

Here’s a video of what I am working on in the studio today. This time I have not written the lyrics in advance so I have it saved as the generic name “new_neu”. I created a vintage analog TR-808 drum kit by dragging the song “Is There an Exit?” by Absolute Body Control into the arrangement view in Ableton Live. I then isolated drum sounds and dragged them into empty slots of the Impulse drum plug-in. I erased the original song, hit tab to enter session view and created some new drum patterns. I don’t always lift drum samples from finished songs but in this case for this new song I want a truly special vintage sound.Synthesizers - photo

I have several analog synthesizers wired into my audio interface ready to go and today I called upon the Electrocomp-101 and Roland SH3. At first I record some noise, resonances and effects. It’s hard to describe how I choose what I like but I know it when I hear it.

I want to show my friends who do not use Ableton Live how I fire off horizontal rows of clips to test arrangements. In the video you can see on the far right side column numbered scenes. I named two of them verse and chorus. When I click the small triangle next to the scene number or name it fires off any clips on that row. You can have as many scenes as you like.

This is an amazing playground for arrangement ideas. I can test different verses, chorus and bridges all before I move things to the arrangement view. In other DAWs you have to set up a loop at the beginning of your arrangement and basically hope for the best.

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