Be a performing artist. Your career depends on it.

The Horrorist live

See that photo above? Thats me on the microphone this past Tuesday night in Stuttgart, Germany. Now here’s the first main point of this post: I get to show off now. I get to post photos of the live show all over the internet. Easy self promotion. And for months before the gig happened my name was on flyers and websites promoting this event. But thats just one of the reasons it’s vital as a musician to perform live.

Money makes the world go round. Let’s face it music has been devalued. Just last week the going rate of a song dropped to .89 (thanks Amazon MP3!). But Live performances are still top money makers and they are not going away anytime soon. You can make even more if you sell some merchandise.

Want another reason? You get to meet your fans face to face. After all isn’t that the entire reason your making music? Don’t you want to say hello to who is supporting you? Don’t you want to tell them thank you?

But here is the most important reason and if you take only one thing away from this post make it this: It makes your music much better! Songs that work live are better songs. Always! When you play live you get to know which of your songs suck and should be trashed, which ones just need a little work and which ones kick major ass.

If you play your music to friends in cars or send them MP3s and ask them what they think they are always going to lie to you! At worst they will tell you the song is ok. But in a live situation either everyone clears the dancefloor or they are screaming their heads off.

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