Music Player TV. Great ad! My thoughts.

Music Player TV ad.

I got my latest issue of EQ in the mail a few days ago and on page 71 is an advertisement for their video site Music Player TV. I had to scan and post the ad here because I found myself laughing and staring at it for a few minutes. This is possibly the worst graphic design I have ever seen. I know these guys are probably all musicians but come on. Check out the vertical striped bars on the left site. Who the hell was creating this ad and thought… hmm… some bars would look good there. It looks like a Corinthian column next to a 1992 Netscape Navigator home page.

That said and out of the way there is some cool stuff when you visit the site. It’s basically videos for the magazines Bassplayer, Guitarplayer, Keyboard and EQ. I don’t read Bass or Guitarplayer so I didn’t check those out but my guess is they are all similar. You will find studio interviews, tips and tricks and oh yeah some advertainment like the Presonus channel and Mackie T3 contest. But being the gear whore I am I even enjoyed watching those.

Im glad to see these magazine’s staying alive and trying new things. To me they still serve a purpose. I can’t help thinking maybe they should just create a YouTube channel for all thier video especially consider they are going to be allowing publishers to make money from ads soon. By the way check out my Things to Come Records YouTube channel. Eventually I will be adding a “wire to the ear” channel as well.

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  1. I think it looks just wonderful! um…. lol seriously though – it kinda spooks me. Kindles thoughts of electro shock therapy and retro analog robots taking over the world.

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